Land with No Name


As names go, Zaqistan does have a nice zip to it. However, I am attracted to some sort of portmanteau, possibly combining languages and my last name. Historically, the land was part of the Ute Indian domain. Their word for “man” is “tuhwuhch”. Genetically, I’m of primarily Norman (Vikings along the Normandy coast) descent. Frankish for “field” is “champ”. Tuhwuhch-champ, Champ de Tuhwuch, Tuhwuchamp all sound pretty bad to my ear. So continuing to think on the matter.

As for the political nature of this potential micronation/art residency, I do really like the sound of “artistocracy” and all the possible inferences taken from it. Certainly any official representatives of an artistocracy would wear some seriously stylish and eccentric garb. The United League of Micronations is apparently defunct, which leaves room for a new diplomatic body I dub the “Little League of Nations”.


Architecturally, the following are all appealing possibilities for numerous reasons:

  1. Topanga cabin
  2. Nido micro cabin
  3. Marfa 10×10
  4. Teepee (the real thing)
  5. some other small pre-fab (though delivery is a challenge)

There are no utilities, so this obviously figures into considerations.


I’ve been interested in micronations for sometime, so there are several model states that come to mind.

  1. Zaqistan
  2. Sealand
  3. How to Star Your Own Country (a good book)
  4. Micronation Primer