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How well do we understand the technology at the center of our lives? Has our technology advanced to a complexity so far beyond common understanding that it has begun to assume a mythic nature? Myth Modern plays in this liminal zone of the commonplace and mysterious, the technological and mythological. Using the two-line orbital elements from CelesTrak of actual artificial satellites and space stations (ISS for example), the project displays the orbits of 40+ objects flying invisibly over us. Grouping these artificial satellites into nine mystical entities imbued with the power to influence our lives, Myth Modern calculates their ever-changing proximity relative to it’s location. In the manner of an astrology reading, the project uses the satellites’ proximity combined with a few details (birth month, time they woke up) about the participant input into the clockwork device to generate a near-future fortune telling for the participant. The fortune is both a fantastical statement of the entity‚Äôs influence and a poetic interpretation of the artificial satellites actual intended purpose.